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    Hello, I am Lynette Braque.

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    Hello, I am Lynette Braque. Empty Hello, I am Lynette Braque.

    Post by Skyler Sofiel on Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:13 am

    Hello. My name is Lynette Braque. You may call me Lynette, Admiral Lynette, Admiral Braque, or Admiral Lynette Braque. Whichever you please. I am 19 years old, but Levi ages are... different. You could be 50, but you'd look 30. Of course, up until age 30, you look like you would on Earth. Oh, and you never die of old age here. I lead the space fleet Blazing Angels, and I am the ruler of Eastlyn. I love traveling and if I didn't live in Eastlyn I would live in Snowhaven. I go to the Empress of Snow's party's all the time, and they are fabulous. One of my close friends is Admiral Spirit Reaper. She is the ruler of City of Ambrosine and she leads her own space fleet, Shining Demons. I guess that is all for now, but I hope to talk to you all later.

    -Admiral Lynette Braque

    Hello, I am Lynette Braque. Skyler10

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