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    Day 237 - Another regular, plain, boring day in Snowhaven.

    Ice "Bliss" Amberslayer

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    Day 237 - Another regular, plain, boring day in Snowhaven.

    Post by Ice "Bliss" Amberslayer on Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:22 am

    I look out my window and sigh. "Friends are out of town. Mom's organizing a party. There's nothing to do!" I say to myself, frustrated. "Maybe I'll go see what Lynette's doing." I get into my spaceship and fly over to Eastlyn. I see Lynette sitting down on a blanket by the river, reading. I roll my eyes. "Lyyyneeeeetteeeee..." I whisper. She looks surprised and shakes her head. I roll my eyes and walk up behind her. "Lyyyyyyyyyyneeeeeeeeetteeeeeeeeeee..." I say a bit louder. She looks up and turns around, finally seeing me. "Hi! I'm bored. Wanna hang out? A girls day out, if you will. We can go to Ironshore!" I exclaimed. She just rolled her eyes. "I take that as a yes. Race ya!" I said running off.

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