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    Admiral Spirit Reaper here!!

    Spirit Reaper

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    Admiral Spirit Reaper here!!

    Post by Spirit Reaper on Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:37 am

    Hello! I'm Admiral Spirit Reaper, but most of my friends call me Reaper. I live in the City of Ambrosine, and I'm leader of the space fleet, Shining Demons. Here are just a few little facts about me... I'm a quiet person and even though I live alone, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and fellow Lavathians. I live in a crystal home and keep a small blue crystal with me at all times. When I am not at home taking care of my plants, I am hanging out in Mallowwick point or with my pal Admiral Lynette Braque.
    That's about it for the moment, see you soon! Smile



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