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    Mind if I crash the party? ;)

    Zane Hadraniel
    Zane Hadraniel

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    Mind if I crash the party? ;) Empty Mind if I crash the party? ;)

    Post by Zane Hadraniel on Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:28 am

    Hey guys!! It's Zane here. I discovered Vertacre Forest, but I don't live there like Reaper and Lynette do with their discoveries(wait, Lynette just found the place abandoned, right? haha, I'm kidding, of course I know the history of Eastlyn!). I love to explore, and I hang out with my buds the Crims all the time. I'm sure if you guys REALLY care about my oh-so-interesting life you'll hang with me, right? Haha. But we totally should hang out sometime and you can get to know me, but for right now...

    ZANE IS OUT!!!

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