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City of Ambrosine

City of AmbrosineIn a galaxy far away, lies the Planet Levi. Many cities are on this mysterious and trustworthy planet. There is a city that is located on the south side of the planet. This city belongs to Admiral Spirit Reaper. Reaper knew this city was one of the greatest on the planet, when she first laid her eyes on it. She knew the great treasures it held here and the love that could come from it. She takes pride in the fact that she is the only one who can love this desert-like land. Many have come to take over this land, and many have failed. This land protects Reaper and all her friends, who step foot on it. The calm, cool, blue waters make up for the lack of trees here. The mines, in this city, have given Reaper gems and crystals of every color. They come in all sizes, which she uses to make her home out of. At dawn, the sun rises on her home making it sparkle all over the mountain side. At night, the moon rests on it, giving off a soft glow. Levaithians come from far and wide to help Reaper harvest the crops she grows here. She grows them so well and so plentiful, that any who harvests, can keep their rewards. Knowing this city lies here, is very dangerous. Only Levaithians keep their word of what this city has to offer. Those who break the secret, will be sent out into the galaxy, never to return again…

12240Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:08 am
Serena Day 242 - Ambrosine
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Bright Water Island

Bright Water IslandBright Water Island is the tropical paradise of Planet Levi. It is always night on the island but the moon shines so brightly no one has trouble getting around. The island stays very warm all year. Coral reefs are a half-mile out from the island. The reefs stretch on for miles and are filled with the most diverse and colorful marine life. Long ago, poachers attacked the island. They killed whales for their skin, and destroyed the majority of the reefs. Beautiful mermaids now guard the reefs. With their help, the reefs are back to their full beauty. They do not allow anyone near who means any harm. If you stand in the water and whistle, dolphins will often come and take you for a ride. The dolphins are very playful and love to perform tricks. If you go to the beach in the early morning, Whales will be out swimming in large groups singing beautiful songs. Admiral Silver Comet found the island. When she came the mermaids knew that she meant no harm, they were delighted to see a human. They told her the story of the poachers. The mermaids maintained the water but they needed a human to maintain the island. Silver Comet took over the island and the mermaids granted her the gift to speak to the marine life. She helps the mermaids to protect them. Brighwater Island is a wonderful place to visit. Leviathans come to spend the day surfing, diving the reefs, and playing with dolphins. If the mermaids feel they can trust you, they will often come up and greet you.

554Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:41 pm
Skyler Sofiel Day 243 - War
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EastlynEastlyn is a large city on Planet Levi, with a curiously small population. A few years ago, Admiral Lynette Braque took off on a journey to Eastlyn. She had heard that if you just sit and listen, you hear a symphony of sounds from the river. She was surprised to see that no one was there; not even the city officials. It was abandoned. She spent a month at Eastlyn, not wanting to leave, till she finally decided she would take over the city, as no one was there to stop her. She told her friends that she would not be returning; for she had decided to take over. Things were running quite smoothly, a few people had come to visit and stayed, making homes for themselves. Then, they were attacked. No one knows who they were. All they know is that half the city was destroyed, and most of the population left, terrified that it would happen again. Admiral Braque rebuilt the city and told everyone that they can come back; that their homes had been rebuilt; that there was nothing to fear, for she would protect them. But no one came. Over the years, only five people have ventured back to the city. Lynette was grateful, for she did not want to be alone.Admiral Lynette Braque lives in the city to this very day, occasionally going to visit her friend Admiral Spirit Reaper at City of Ambrosine.

9164Mon May 03, 2010 11:19 pm
Skyler Sofiel Day 244 - The War Continues
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IronshoreOn Planet Levi there is a beautiful beach with clear blue waters, the softest sand you could find, and an ever-growing population. Older leviathans love bringing their grandchildren here. Mid-aged leviathans love to take their kids here, watching them play in the water. Leviathans in their early 20's to mid-30's love to take long romantic walks on the seaside. Teenage and pre-teen leviathans hang out here with their friends, getting tans and gossiping about what's cool and what's so yesterday. Children splash and play in the water, getting knocked over by the huge waves. It's like the children here can't even stop giggling! All in all, Ironshore is pretty much the ideal location for a family vacation, a honeymoon, a date, a place to just hang out and chill, or, for the littler ones, a place to play with friends.

228Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:26 am
Alex Phisarious Day 243 -- The War.
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Mallowwick Point

Mallowwick PointAt the tip top of Mallowwick Point, lies the planets largest population of Mallowwick birds. These birds protect the forest they live in. You cannot pass through unless you have permission from the head of all Mallowwick birds. Sir Beckenhime is an unpleasantly plump bird who oversees all the Mallowwick birds. To pass through Mallowwick Point, you first need to bring Sir Beckenhime a silver snowflake from Snowhaven. Once you bring him the silver snowflake, you must them answer one of his many riddles. If you can pass Sir Beckenhime’s test, he will be more than happy to let you pass through. There is no going around Mallowwick Point, for what lies on the other side is famous for its maple syrup. But fear not, once you’ve passed Sir Beckenhime’s test, you will never have to take it again; for this plump bird has incredible memory. Just make sure once you pass through, you bring Sir Beckenhime some wonderful maple syrup. That is, of course, how he became so unpleasantly plump.

165Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:07 am
Keylee Sachael The Point of Mallowwick Point
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SnowhavenSnowhaven is what you think it is; a place with too much snow. Unless, of course, you like snow. If you like snow you'd probably think that it's a place with a perfect amount of snow, not too little, not too much. It is both. The population isn't very big, due to the coldness and the lack of grass and trees. But the few who do live there? They love it. It's a beautiful place. There's a palace on the east side of Snowhaven, the Empress of Snow lives there. Despite the small population, she hosts a ton of parties, and all the inhabitants of Snowhaven attend them. On the west side? There's a dark forest, all living leviathans are forbidden in the forest. If a living leviathan enters the forest, they will be trapped forever, doomed to spend the rest of eternity in the forest.

457Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:44 pm
Zach Day 243 - War
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Snowhaven Forest

Snowhaven ForestLiving beings are forbidden in this forest. Properly warned ye be.(On an OOC note, you can look at posts in this forum, but, please, do not post in this section.)

11Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:06 pm
Harmony Veil Snowhaven Forest Happenings.
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Snowhaven Palace

Snowhaven PalaceThe Snow Palace.

242Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:22 am
Skyler Sofiel Day 242 - New space fleet
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Silvermaple Edge

Silvermaple EdgeCould it be possible that fall is all year-round? Of course it can! Silvermaple Edge is a place full of beautiful orange and yellow maple trees. The birds are chirping, the squirrels are running, deer run wild, and foxes are playing. This place is full of charm and magic. Leviathians come here to collect maple syrup for their apple cakes and dessert treats. Having crossed Mallowwick Point, you work up quite an appetite. The local Leviathians would be more than happy to make you a delicious breakfast filled with the locally harvested maple syrup. But be warned; watch out for those pesky maple bears, they love to steel maple syrup and run away laughing. I know, maple syrup makes them crazy!

331Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:46 pm
Serena Day 243- War/ SilverMaple Edge
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Shadow Beach

Shadow BeachThis is not your typical sunny beach. Many years ago, this beach was once a happy place. Levathians came here all year to soak up the sun, and watch their children play in the ocean. One day a dark and mysterious shadow covered the beach. Leviathians fled for their lives as this mysterious shadow made its way across. It destroyed anything that crossed its path. Leviathians watched as the shadow destroyed trees, crushed sand castles, and turned the sky gray. The shadow never moved beyond the boundaries of the beach. It stays there, blocking out the sun. What was once a beautiful, lively beach is now considered to be the most feared beach on the planet. Leviathians search for anyone who will somehow, some day get up enough courage to destroy the shadow, and return their once beautiful beach to them.

341Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:17 pm
Skyler Sofiel Everything.
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Vertacre Forest

Vertacre ForestA long long time ago a leviathan with the name of Zane Youngblood was adventuring with his buddies the Crims and they stumbled upon a beautiful forest, with monstrous trees. There was a path that led to an open field with beautiful flowers, and a river with blue water next to it. They decided to turn this into a city. But they didn't know how, because they didn't want to destroy all the flowers. They decided to build treehouses in the trees surrounding it. They had to leave, but they visited often. Eventually they stopped coming. When Zane came back, people were living there, and a girl named Sussy was running the city. They talked to Sussy and she told them all about what had happened since they'd been gone. Sussy had said that not just Leviathans had started living there, and that Garden Fairies had homes there too. The leviathans there keep it well-maintained, the Garden Fairies helped the flowers grow. It's a beautiful land, and if you ask anyone, they would recommend you visit sometime.

438Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:32 pm
Rosakora Day 241 - The Arrival of Rosakora

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