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    Roleplaying tips [: Empty Roleplaying tips [:

    Post by Skyler Sofiel on Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:04 pm

    **I didn't write these. I'm getting these off of several roleplay how-to's/guides. If I put something more than once, it either explains it differently, or I'm trying make sure that you guys understand.**

    -Don't god mod: god-modding is when you control someone elses character. For example, if you said, "Jane briskly walked into the waiting room at the doctor's office, dragging Jim beside her. Both of them wrinkling their nose at the antiseptic smell. She glanced at the medical posters on the walls, and the magazines by the hard-backed chairs lining the walls. She went, and quickly sat down in one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs, folding her ankles properly. She watched Jim walk up to the pretty nurse at the front desk and talk to her." Here, you are not only controlling the character of Jane, but the the character of Jim. This makes it hard for others to RP, and should almost never be done.

    -Godmodding can also be:
    Dodging everything that is thrown at you without reason. Ex: *dodges* or "My sheild is unbreakable; I'm immortal."

    -DO NOT, get sick ALL THE TIME. People will end up trying to avoid you and stop wanting to role-play with you. Only make your character sick a reasonable amount of the time. Sickness is not interesting after you've aquired the "WORST AND DEADLIEST DISEASE" 500 times in the past year. Just...no.

    -Don't be afraid of adding too many details. The more details, the better off the roleplay will be. But don't add too much detail about one thing unless it is the main subject.

    -No one liners. They do nothing to advance the story. Most people do not like them as they do nothing for the roleplay. Try to only use one liners when you're talking. Ex: "I haven't been doing much, what about you?" I asked my friend, Joe.

    -Basic roleplaying keywords are:
    RP: Roleplay
    OOC: Out of Character (You may also use parenthesis to show that it is you who are speaking, not your character.)
    IC: In Character
    bic: Back in Character
    pp: Powerplaying (Which refers to trying to control other people's characters. This can also be called Godmodding.)
    gm: Godmodling (Which refers to trying to have a "perfect character". Don't confuse with "Godmodding".)
    Literate: A very good roleplayer who shows that they are able to properly use grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, ect. A literate roleplayer knows when long introductions are appropriate, understands the place for short one or two sentence posts and keeps in character emotions separate from their own.
    Semi-Lit: A decent roleplayer who has an "OK" grasp of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, ect. A Semi-Lit roleplayer typically writes (sometimes excessively) long introductions several paragraphs in length and posts of up to a paragraph and longer.
    Illiterate: A terrible roleplayer who disregards all grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc. Their spelling is usually equal to chatspeak. An illiterate roleplayer typically writes one paragraph for their intro, and around one or two sentences per post.

    -Remember that you can only control your character (not those of others), unless you have the other person's permission. People are apt to be annoyed if you control their characters without warning.

    -It is considered good taste to notify the GM of the roleplay when you won't be able or willing to contribute to their roleplay for a while.

    -Never God-Mod. God-modding can refer to many things, for example: being immortal (never gets hurt or killed, dodges every blow), or taking control of another person's character.

    -Never powerplay. No one likes to roleplay with someone who is in one place, then is mystically in another without moving, or has actions completed that they have not included in their post. Powerplaying is also used to describe the action of controlling, injuring, killing, or otherwise manipulating another character without the player's consent, such as shooting or tripping a character. It assumes that the character's fate is yours to control, and is one of the most impolite things you can do in roleplay.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!! =]

    Roleplaying tips [: Skyler10

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