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    I'm here, darlings!!

    Ice "Bliss" Amberslayer

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    I'm here, darlings!! Empty I'm here, darlings!!

    Post by Ice "Bliss" Amberslayer on Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:33 am

    Hiya! I'm Ice Amberslayer, the Snow Princess. I'm the Empress of Snow's daughter. I love hanging out with my friends and exploring. I go to Ironshore all the time to escape this dreadfully cold weather. I love books. I sing and dance, and I couldn't live without music.

    Sorry, guys, friends wanna go exploring.
    Goodbye, lovelies!

    I just wanna run to you, break off the chains and throw them away.
    I just wanna be so much, and shake off the dust that turned me to rust.

    Stand me up and maybe I won't be so small,
    Free my hands and feet and maybe I won't always fall
    Save me

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