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    Post by Skyler Sofiel on Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:17 pm

    Planet Levi was once a place of peace and harmony. Then the people of the planet Zyriad found out about it. Planet Zyriad wasn't doing so well, you see. Actually, it wasn't doing well at all. The ruler had put implants in everyone's minds, allowing him to control all of their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Most of the Zyrian's were half robot, though they didn't always appear so. The few that weren't? They belong to a group of people who still have their own thoughts and feelings. A girl who belonged to that group escaped Planet Zyriad and landed on Planet Levi on a spaceship. That very spaceship, though, is what caused the war to begin. It had a tracker on it. The Zyrian's, seeing a planet that was doing much better than they were, invaded a few days later. That was when the war began.
    The half robot's attacked every city they could find, but there was an army waiting for them at each city. After a day or two, the Zyrian's left. The people of Planet Levi thought they had left for good, but some thought otherwise. Those few who thought otherwise? They were right. After a few of the Admirals in Empire of Stars and their friends left to go to Planet Zyriad, the Zyrian's came back.
    Now, why would the Admirals leave their planet when they were positive the Zyrian's would come back? The Zyrian girl who had come a few days before the attack had disappeared. They knew she had gone back to Planet Zyriad, hoping that the war would stop. So they went to Zyriad and snuck into the castle, pretending to be the people who were just about to be turned into half robots like all the other Zyrian's. The group of friends split up and eventually two of the people found her. They let out all of the people who were actually supposed to be turned into the half robots, and they defeated the ruler of Planet Zyriad.
    The night before they had gotten into the castle, they had stayed at a hotel. At that hotel, they had met someone who had told them about what had happened, and how the ruler had overpowered the previous one. At the time, they hadn't known she was the previous ruler. But when they defeated the Ruler, she showed up in the palace and thanked them. The group of friends returned back to Levi and helped fight off the Zyrian's. They're sure it won't be long before something just as bad happens, but they're just glad it's over for the time being.

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