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    Snowhaven Forest Happenings.

    Harmony Veil

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    Snowhaven Forest Happenings.

    Post by Harmony Veil on Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:06 pm

    "No. . ." I whispered to myself as I looked into the pond and saw my son flying in his spaceship, a comet coming from behind him when he wasn't looking. There are some ghosts here that died because of something wrong(for instance, walking into Snowhaven Forest). I am one of those ghosts. Violet Fiendwatcher watches over the forest and sees to it that we are miserable, just because we had one little mess-up. One of her favorite ways of making us miserable is making sure we see when one of our loved ones gets hurt, and not telling you if they survived or not. She could be nice once you get to know her, I suppose. I thought to myself. But she's not nice to us poor ghosts who had one little mishap. I stated, arguing with myself. . . .

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